Primary Care

Primary Care services offered in Muskogee, OK

Together we can do great things. Bringing healthcare to those in need to the Muskogee, Ok downtown area is important to Teresa James APRN, C-NP. 

Teresa James APRN, C-NP is a compassionate provider who assures quality time listening to each patients desires and needs to make sure all health concerns are discussed and a mutual health care plan is formulated to meet all needs. For everything from immunizations and urgent care to chronic disease management and family planning, primary care delivers it all.

Teresa James APRN, C-NP Health & Wellness, LLC provides comprehensive primary care to adults living and working in Muskogee, Oklahoma and the surrounding areas. Teresa provides diagnostics, treatment, and preventive medicine services to keep you healthy and happy. 

She accepts most major insurances including Medicare, Soonercare, BCBS, United Healthcare, and Healthchoice. To benefit from first-class primary care, call the office of Teresa James APRN, C-NP Health & Wellness, LLC today at 918-913-7006 to set up an appointment in clinic or also offering Telehealth virtual visits to those who need it. We also have a nurse line to assure we are reachable for calls or text at 918-235-4840.  

Primary Care Q & A

What is primary care?

Primary care serves the majority of your medical needs under one roof. You can visit a primary care practice like Teresa James APRN, C-NP Health & Wellness, LLC for everyday wellness checks and ongoing chronic disease treatment.

There are very few times when you might require health services that primary care doesn’t offer. One of these is emergencies like a heart attack, severe fracture, or stroke, that require a trip to the hospital emergency room. The other is when you have a condition that requires specialized treatment, like seeing a cardiologist when you have heart disease. Teresa is likely to send you for a speacilty evaluation but does manage the disease to reduce trips to other facilities. 

If you require hospital treatment or require care from a specialist, Teresa works with your other medical professionals to deliver high-quality follow-up care.

What services does primary care offer?

Teresa offers a comprehensive range of primary care services, including:

Minor Urgent Care

If you have an acute injury like a cut that requires suturing, Teresa can see you with minimal delay and provide the treatment you need. You might also need urgent primary care services for common acute health problems ranging from coughs and colds or digestive upsets to migraines and allergy attacks. Walk ins are accepted. 

Chronic disease management

Long-term illnesses like cancer, arthritis, heart disease, blood pressure, and diabetes require regular reviews and testing. Teresa offers chronic disease management services that help you maintain a better quality of life.

Family planning

Teresa offers advanced birth control options to suit each woman’s lifestyle and preferences,  giving you a choice over when to start a family. Teresa also provides advice on fertility problems, preparing for pregnancy, and overseeing your health throughout your pregnancy.

Can my primary care provider help me avoid getting sick?

Teresa promotes preventive care to help you avoid getting sick. Preventive care includes many measures that stop you from developing serious health problems, including:

  • Immunizations
  • Well-woman exams including pap smears for cervical cancer
  • Yearly Medicare and Medicaid Wellness Exams
  • Mental health screenings
  • Medical weight managment
  • Diabetes screening
  • Cholesterol measurement
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Annual physicals

Teresa can also offer advice and support to help you overcome bad habits like smoking and nutritional advice to improve your diet.

To find out more about the primary care services available to you, call Teresa James APRN, C-NP Health & Wellness, LLC today and schedule a consultation at 918-913-7006.